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Poetry For Your Son / Son Poems

Son Poetry

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Poetry For Your Son

Do you want to show your son  how much he means to you but don't know the words to say? Our poetry
can help you out! Choose a poem from our list of son poetry below.


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Cherish You Forever
You Were A Gift Sent Down From Heaven
And Are A Blessing In Our Lives
With The Love And Joy You've Given Us
We're Always Here to Give Advice
You Have Been Such A Wonderful Husband
Since The Day You Said Your Vows
For That We Want You To Know My Son
That You Have Made Us Proud
You're A Kind And Loving Father
And In Everything You Do Endeavor
We Want You To Know You're Important To Us
And We'll Cherish You Forever




God Loaned Me A Child
God Loaned Me A Child Of His
To Keep Throughout The Years
With The Raising Of This Child
I Poured My Blood Sweat And Tears
He Asked Me To Be His Teacher
And To Show Him Godly Ways
I Taught Him All The Things Of God
And How To Kneel And Pray
I Taught Him There Were Choices To Make
Of Choosing Right From Wrong
And Through The Years I Watched His Faith
As It Grew So Very Strong
He Is Growing Up Now
And Turning Into A Man
I Know That God Will Be There
To Let Him Hold His Hand
As He Goes Into The World
And Gets Out On His Own
I Know That Gods Hand Is On Him
And If He Needs Him He'll Call Home




My First Haircut
This Is My First Haircut
And I Wanted You To See
This Little Lock Of My Hair
They Just Took Away From Me
A Few Snips Here A Few Snips There
Soon After The Cutting Began
My Mommy Said I'm Way Too Cute
Now Looking Like A Little Man
I Put This Lock Of Hair Of Mine
For Everyone To See
I've Lost My Little Baby Look
And Have A Whole New Look For Me




Bless My Child
I Ask You Lord To Bless My Child
And Teach Him Godly Ways
Please Grant Me This And Be With Him
All Throughout His Days
He Needs Your Guiding Hand Lord
And Your Loving Touch
I Trust You'll Always Be There Lord
For You Love Him Very Much
As My Child Grew Up
And Turned Into A Man
I Know That You Were With Him
And You Let Him Hold Your Hand
You Guided Him From Day To Day
And Showed Him Right From Wrong
As I Watched Him Grow Into A Man
His Faith Grew Very Strong
When The Time Comes And He Parts From Me
And Goes To His Heavenly Home
I Know That's Where He Should Be
For He'll Be Back Where He Belongs






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